USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy delivers another action-packed thriller in The Thirteenth Legion. After Interpol Agent Hugh Reading spots his missing partner in Berlin, it sets off a chain of events that could lead to the death of his best friends, and if the legends are true, the entire planet.

In true Kennedy style, this globe-spanning thriller provides all the action, humor, romance and heartbreak only he can deliver. Loyalties will be tested, blood will be shed, and friends will die, as archaeology professors James Acton and Laura Palmer are once again pulled into the troubled history of a cult they had hoped had forgotten them, with only their wits and friends to rely upon.

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Niner has Nightmares about Morlocks and Pink Elephants. Huh?

In the latest James Acton Thriller, The Thirteenth Legion, there is a reference by Niner that he has nightmares about Morlocks and pink elephants. Odd, wouldn’t you say?

I think an explanation is in order.

As I’m often known to do, I take things from my own life and work them into my novels. Whether it was the skydiving scene in Brass Monkey where he couldn’t find the toggles, or Reading’s newly prescribed CPAP machine, injecting a little bit of my life into those of my characters is always fun.

Okay, so where do these nightmares come from? The first one is easy. When I was way too young, I watched The Time Machine. When the Morlocks (the creatures living underground who came out at night) made their first appearance, it freaked me out, and for about twenty years I would have nightmares on occasion about those bastards.

But pink elephants?

Even this one stumped me until a few years ago. I had nightmares about pink elephants for years when I was younger. When my parents were visiting a few years ago, somehow they mentioned a chair that I had as a toddler that was a pink elephant. As soon as I heard that my jaw dropped and I blurted out my secret.

And my mom had an explanation.

Apparently, I was bouncing in my chair one day and launched my chubby but adorable ass out of it, falling forward and cracking my head on the corner of the table. A huge egg instantly appeared and I cried and cried and…

So, there it is. A childhood trauma leading to years of nightmares.

The nightmares are long gone, though I will say this. If I ever see a pink elephant on my doorstep, I’m haulin’ ass.

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The Thirteenth Legion, the latest novel from USA Today bestselling author J. Robert Kennedy, now available in print and eBook format wherever books are sold.

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